Growth and Development Services Inc. (GDS)

GDS current web site is www.excelgds.org

To contact GDS email gds@excelgds.org

Empowering at-risk youth and families to Reach their Potential!

Growth & Development Services (GDS) equips at-risk youth and their families who face emotional, behavioral, health, educational, and social challenges with the tools they need to Excel — and the opportunity to Reach their Potential!  

Click above to see GDS’ Reach Your Potential (RYP) Model in action;
a unique therapuetic approach with proven success.

The model depicted in the above video is used in our current After-school and Counseling programs at our Community Based Agency .

photo (4)

GDS’ community based organization at NYC’s, Department of Homeless Services (DHS)
A safe haven for individuals and families to Reach Their Potential!

Growth and Development Services Inc. (GDS)
@ NYC’s Department of Homeless Services (DHS)
Armory @ 168th Street
216 Fort Washington Ave.
New York, NY 10032

Growth and Development Services, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) a nonprofit organization.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey just Wanted to say ‘I Love U Guys’ And always remember long You for al te hard work u put to reafy my potential. Hope You remember my Gary!!!!!!

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