Awards and Press

Manhattan Time 4.3.12png

“A quinceanera, summer camp, and college: GDS turns 15” by Sandra E. Garcia.  Manhattan Times article written on March 28, 2012. 

Lewisboro’s ‘Dr. Gary’ Reaches Out to At-Risk Kids


Dr. Gary asked to speak about mental health issues on


“Lewisboro’s ‘Dr. Gary’ Reaches Out to At-Risk Kids” by Bob Dumas. Lewisboro Daily Voice article written on October 15, 2011.  Read the full article here


15th Aniversary Celebration, ManhattanTimes 2003

“Camp Excel: helping teens reach their potential” by Donna LeSchander.  Manhattan Times article on June 19, 2003 about the therapeutic/recreational work GDS does through Camp Excel, a week-long sleep-away program.  Camp Excel provides an opportunity to Washington Heights teens to experience the outdoors while being mentored in conflict resolution, goal achievement, and coping skills.

From The Washington Heights Inwood Youth Service Providers’ Collective, Presented to Growth & Development Services, In Appreciation for Your Most Needed Counseling Services for the youth and families of our community! (Awarded November 29, 2012)


“Life Savers” by Lois Sakany. An article from the Mann Report written in February 2002.

“There’s nothing that compares to the bonds we’ve made with these teens and their families.  What’s special about this program is that you can actually see a change in the teens and their families.  There’s a high level of integrity and quality in this organization.”


Westchester County Department of Community Mental Health presents a Mental Health Award to Camp Excel & The Excel Program in recognition of a significant contribution to the development of sound mental health. (Awarded September 21, 2001)

“The students have such a commitment to this agency. Their trust in the program is so intense,” said Theonyl Cuevas, Director of Programs. “A challenge I usually see in some of the students that are here is schoolwork, and how they are dealing with school. They feel there is a lot of negativity in schools and they don’t know how to fight it or how to move along. When they come to GDS, we try to help them out and intervene.”

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