The Training Institute

Group E on Hill

Team GDS reaching their Potential! Camp Excel, 2009

The Training Institute

  • Community Outreach ProgramCounselor
  • Youth Worker Certificate Program
  • Team-building
  • Reach Your Potential Playshops
  • Excel Retreats
  • Leadership Development
  • Motivational Seminars

GDS presenting at a Community Board 12 Meeting in Washington Heights about the importance of supportive services for youth and families.


The Training Institute educates the community, mental health professionals and youth workers, providing them with the tools they need to Excel. The Institute provides community service projects, leadership development, guidance and coaching to individuals and groups looking to transform their lives and reach their potential. The Institute also teaches the Reach Your Potential model to other youth-serving organizations. The Reach Your Potential model is a comprehensive multifaceted approach that includes the setting of individual, group, and community goals; and is a key component of GDS programs’ effectiveness.

dr gary

Dr. Gary Altheim, GDS Founder

Although the Training Institute was formally established in 2003, GDS has been training its staff and volunteers in its Reach Your Potential model since it was founded in 1996. These training programs have been formalized into volunteer and staff manuals, and curricula have been developed for areas such as behavioral therapy techniques, conflict resolution skills, leadership development. GDS has also developed caretaker programs to educate parents on improving home environment and supporting their teens.

The Community Outreach Program is a grassroots movement to help ensure that recreational/therapeutic supportive services are continued in areas where they are most needed. Volunteers will help advocate for community supportive services and provide education and outreach to ensure utilization of resources that currently exist. Many community supportive resources that were established for the children, youth and families of communities in Upper Manhattan, especially Washington Heights/Inwood are not being used for the community as they were reportedly establish for.


For more details on our training programs and pricing please contact us:

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