Community Outreach Photos

Community Advocacy Program




Theonyl Cuevas, LCSW and Dr. Gary Altheim from Team GDS on Zunilda Foundeur’s TV Show Advocating for community serivces.

GDS’ Community Outreach Program advocates for most needed services at Community Board 12


Community Board 12 in Washington Heights/Inwood, December 15, 2011.

Dr Gary at CB 12

GDS Founder and Psychologist, Dr. Gary Altheim, presentng at Community Board 12. Fe Florimon form The Youth & Education Committeee asked him to discuss GDS programs and the need for supportive therapeutic services in Washington Heights/Inwood.

CB 12

Please click here to see a GDS Alumnus Noelanni and a Volunteer present at Community Board 12 about the importance of GDS’ programs at NYC Armory in Washington Heights.


GDS at a Community Event for alcohol and drug Awareness with Unidos Coalition

11.29.12 Counseling award

The Washington Heights & Inwood Youth Service Providers Collective (WHIYSPC) presented Growth and Development Services, Inc. (GDS) with a Counseling Services  “In appreciation for Your Most Needed Counseling Services for youth and families in our community” November 29, 2012


GDS Community Outreach Event at GDS, August 13, 2014


GDS Reach Your Potential Group!


A grassroots movement to help advocate for most needed supportive serives!


GDS- Empowering Individuals Families and the Community to Reach its Potential!

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