Proven Success

17 years of Proven Success- Helping at risk youth, families and Communities reach their Potential!

GDS participants have: 

  • Greater school success. 92% of teen participants have graduated from high school (vs. 32% at nearest public high school). 90% have been accepted to college.
  • Better behavior. 92% report being “less impulsive.”
  • Increased family harmony. 93% of parents report fewer behavioral problems at home.

Program Outcomes

Every year participantsts emotional and behavioral are evaluated.  GDS programs have an exceptional track record.
Our program outcomes indicate GDS clients show statistically significant development in:

improved anger control

improved adaptive and social skills

decreased symptoms of depression

decreased hyperactivity


Every year after Camp Excel, the teens are asked to complete a survey designed to evaluate the quality of their experience. The surveys focus on issues critical to adolescent development, including goal-setting, self-esteem, attitude, inter-personal relationships, and education.

Of the teens surveyed, the following findings were reported:

  • 94% feel better about themselves
  • 93% are more hopeful
  • 92% achieved their goals
  • 88% feel capable of overcoming obstacles
  • 85% have an improved attitude toward school


GDS is committed to helping teens succeed academically. In addition to tracking our teens’ progress individually, GDS has compiled statistical data to demonstrate that at-risk youth participating in GDS programs do better in school than their peers, with higher rates of high school graduation and acceptance to college. With a strong educational foundation, GDS teens are also more successful in securing full-time employment.

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