Affiliates and Program Partners

GDS is proud of its collaborations with schools and other agencies in the community. We are proud to announce our new collaboration with The David Lynch Foundation (DLF) which is dedicated to introducing stress-relieving methods for at-risk communities and trauma victims across the country such as military veterans, prisons, homeless shelters, and schools as well as in developing countries.
GDS plans on incorporating DLF’s Quiet Time with its own Reach Your Potential Model into local schools and communities in the Fall of 2014. Quiet Time, also known as Transcendental Meditation, is a valuable, lifelong resilience and stress-reducing tool; it is a technique that alleviates stress, improves mental and physical health, and helps develop individual academic, and creative potential. GDS will be pioneering one of the first therapeutic after-school programs with TM in New York City.
russell simmons and Dr. G

Music and business icon Russel Simmons
endorses GDS’ transformational programs
and partnership with The David Lynch Foundation


GDS’ community based organization (CBO) is located in the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) Armory at 168th Street (across the street from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital). GDS is a licensee of New York City’s DHS. Our programs are on site and school-based.
GDS Community Outreach Program is a grassroots advocacy campaign to bring Quiet Time to our community and to ensure that recreational/therapeutic supportive services are continued in areas where they are most needed. Our communities are faced with challenging times affecting our children, youth and families. The needs of families in our communities are increasing while adequate resources are decreasing. Please join the RYP Movement and help empower each other to reach our potential and bring about change in our community.

The Washington Heights & Inwood Youth Service Providers’ Collective presented Growth and Development Services with a Counseling Services Award

11.29.12 Counseling award

“In appreciation for your most needed Counseling Services Award for youth and families of our Community.”


The Collective

The Washington Heights & Inwood Youth Service Providers’ Collective


Dr. Gary Altheim, Founder,  GDS with Peter Trivelas TM Instructor from The David Lynch Foundation

GDS in the News

GDS and Camp Excel in the Manhattan Times

GDS and Camp Excel in the Manhattan Times, 2012

GDS teen at Rangel TLC

The Charles Rangel Technology Learning Center for the Community, 2003

15th Aniversary Celebration, ManhattanTimes 2003

GDS and Camp Excel in the Manhattan Times, 2003


IAl 2

GDS IAL Testimonialpdf copy

March 24, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

Since October 2011 I have been working closely with The Training Institute, a program of Growth and Development Services Inc. (GDS) , a community based organization in Washington Heights.  Once I became aware and understood the purpose and mission of GDS, I knew that I needed them to start working with families at Inwood Academy for Leadership.

In this short time they have provided a total of 5 parent Reach Your Potential (RYP) Playshops (GDS’ word for fun workshops) during our Saturday school program. They have created a following because no one wants to miss their Playshops once they start attending. Our program started with 7 parents and has grown to as much as 20 at our last Playshop. The hope is that they will continue to come and grow as individuals so that they can truly Reach Their Potential – as individuals and as parents.

As Dr. Gary Altheim and Theonyl Cuevas (MSW) always mention, our parents first have put on their own “oxygen masks” before they can be good parents. And that is what GDS provides, a time for parents to release their anxieties and develop tools and strategies to help them overcome their stressors. That is why 100% of GDS participants are satisfied with the Playshop and invite their friends to come.

What I love about GDS is that they truly understand our population, their environment, the neighborhood, and the struggles. They help parents and staff understand the struggles and the plight of the families we serve. Their depth of knowledge, understanding, and ability to communicate such ideas make them a high quality organization. This is why I highly recommend GDS and The Training Institute to any school that is looking to engage and develop a stronger parent presence in their school.


Christian Guerrero
Director of School Culture

NEW YORK, NY 10040


Thank you letter from Project Return

Thank you letter from Project Return


Resources for Children with Special Needs Letter of support IAL testimony



GDS received a Mental Health Award from the Westchester County Dept. of Community for its success with Camp Excel and The Excel Program, Sept. 2001

Westchester County Dept. of Community Health presented GDS
with the Mental Health AwardCamp Excel and The Excel Program

, Sept. 2001

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