Video Testimonials and TV

Not Politics as Usual, Jan 22, 2014- The Political TV show that discusses politics in a street politics format, is not always politically correct, and sometimes adds a comical aspect. The show is hosted by Mark Skevich with special guests DR Gary Altheim (clinical psychologist), Vernica Bowlen, and Paul Griffin. In this episode we discuss the misconception of mental illnesses, the politics involved with tragedies, organizations like GDS (Growth and Development Services) that deal with mental health issues, and more. This episode originally aired on the BCAT TV network in Brooklyn, NY on 1/21/14.

_MG_7153  high 5

GDS’ Reach Your Potential Group

Recently, at a Team Dreamers Event Community Event Noelanni representing GDS spoke about the importance of GDS and how the program continues to help her. and the importance of listening to the voices of our youth!

Coach Dave Crenshaw a Community Leader, President of Team Dreamers speaks about GDS and the Reach Your Potential Program

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